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General Information
   Sometimes you may find yourself cash-strapped and the little you have needs to go into other things. As such, you push back the payment of most of your  bills. Unfortunately, the bills only pile up, and this means the amount previously owed is now higher. BlueLineLoan.com helps find a Loan Solution on short notice to pay your overdue bills and avoid getting late fees and penalties. You only need to assess and prioritize your expenses and then apply for a Cash Advance Loan to help you sort out things. One of the most common reasons why people take out Payday Loans is to repay the money they owe. You can use a Payday Loan to repay the money that you borrowed from a different source such as Credit Card Debt or a Loan from another company.

   The days when you had to drive or walk to a Cash Advance Store are long gone. All you need now is a internet connection and a comfortable place to sit down. The entire process will take no more than a few minutes during which you need to complete the application form. Please note that after the application form is submitted through our secure form, you need to wait for a minute or two until we find a lender. Do not disconnect or close the application window during the processing time. If you lose your internet connection during the lender searching process, it is recommended that you restart your application.

Loan Application and Requesting Process
Please keep in mind !!! It is important that the information you provide is true. The lenders will not be able to approve your loan request if provided information is false.
1. First, fill out our short form.
2. Next, verify and finalize our 1 or 3-step loan request form. Then you will be paired with a lender with the best approval odds, base on the information provided. The decision will be made instantly. If approved by the lender, then you can review all the Terms and Conditions including APR, repayment options and schedule, as well as possible fees, and other important information.
3. Finally, check your bank account within the next 24 hours to make sure you received the amount you requested and spend it responsibly.
Remember, you can stop the application process at any time and decline the loan offer without any commitments. So, feel free to take your time and enjoy the convenience of the process. And again, do not over-borrow. Ask only for the amount you need to clear your pending bills.

   Before going forward we encourage you to review our
Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer as well as our E-Consent policy. Please read carefully before proceeding.

Qualification Requirements
Please note that there are a few standard requirements that you must meet so to prequalify for short-term loan. These requirements might differ from one lender to the other but there are some common ones such as the following:

1. Age Requirements. To get a short term loan, you need to be at least 18 years or older. At this age, most people have the ability to get a job and start making independent financial decisions. Therefore, if you are within this age limit, you may begin your payday or installment application process. Please keep in mind, however, that some lenders may require their applicants to older than 18.

2. Income Requirements.  Just like any other lender, the Payday Loan lenders expect applicants to have a stable source of income. Basically, this is one of the main indicators that applicants can afford to pay back the loan without possible delays. To have a proof, some lenders might ask for pay stubs or your bank statement to show your regular income. Each lending company may have its own criteria of stable employment. Some require loan applicants to be employed for more than one year by the current employer.

3. Residence Requirements.  If a person is constantly moving or relocating, many lenders may consider that as a potential flight risk and reject the loan application. Therefore, applicants might  be required to prove that they have stayed in the current place for at least a year. Providing landlord contact details, lease agreement, or even a mail delivered to your residence from the first time you moved in can be considered as a valid proof of permanent residence.

4. Direct Deposit Bank Account. The lenders may simply need a way to deposit the money once they approve a loan application. They may also require applicants to have a bank account to request the bank statements if needed.

Loan Request Process and
Qualification Requirements

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