Applying for a loan is neither good nor bad. Loans are there when we need money to cover our expenses. When loans are obtained responsibly and with a proper financial planing, they can be helpful. However, things might turn the other way around when people borrow money without any knowledge about how they are going to pay it back. The situation may become more desperate as the next payment day starts approaching. When there is no one we can ask for a financial assistance, there is a risk of missing the scheduled payment.

   Failing to pay a Payday Loan at the end of the month can be the start of a dangerous cycle. Not only people may end up paying additional late fees and penalties, but also borrow again to survive during the next cycle after paying back a loan they couldn't afford in the first place. Now, we have gone from trying to solve an emergency situation to being in the long-term debt trap without an easy way out. Many individuals turn to loans when they try to get control of their monthly expenses. In many instances, the monthly expenses are affected by other existing loans. Often the purpose of applying for a new loan is to payoff or consolidate the existing loan or credit card debt. In some cases, this might work. However, it also might continue the dangerous cycle when we end up borrow every time. Besides, every time we borrow, the debt continues to grow, getting out of financial control. Therefore, when applying for a Payday Loan, a proper financial management needs to be in place.

The consequences of acquiring loans you can't afford to pay may include:     
- Damage To Your Credit 
- A Bad Reputation 
- Increased Financial Pressure
- Risk Of Losing Assets

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