One of the common mistakes people make when applying for a Payday Loan is applying for a loan amount without any consideration to the current earnings. Some individuals ask for a larger Payday Loan without a clear understanding about how it can be paid back. Besides the fact that there is risk of financial default, it also increases the likelihood of an application being declined by a lender. It's important to gain a grasp of one's current income and "payday" before coming up with a desired loan amount. It is going to vary from applicant to applicant but having this figure in mind immediately is very important. It will ensure the application process goes ahead smoothly without unnecessary issues popping up.

   In addition to this increasing the likelihood of rejection, it can also place a lot of pressure on the borrower as most of the applicants need the required amount almost immediately due to various temporary financial problems. Thus, being able to ask for an amount within the pay range can ensure the lending process goes ahead as intended, eliminating some of the risks associated with lending. Most of the Payday lenders, including the sovereign Tribal lenders, ask for the verification of banking and employment information before providing loan application approvals.

   Therefore, it might be better to sit down and take a thorough look at current income before completing a loan application. Payday Loans are short-term loans and usually mature within the next few weeks. Therefore, it might be hard to believe that someone who earns $3000 per month can pay a loan in the amount of $2500, considering all other expenses that the person might have. As long as a person takes time to plan the details in advance, the possibility of application rejection is significantly lower.

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